Crypto Mining Software Ltd
Since 2021

Crypto Mining Software Ltd

28 September 2021: Domain for sale £1000000 (one million pounds).
26 September 2021: Website and business for sale £10 000 (ten thousand pounds).

13 August 2021: I am willing to negotiate on the selling price of Crypto Mining Software Ltd (domain is included).
11 August 2021: Business and domain for sale - £1000000000 - one billion pounds.
31 July 2021: The crypto mining software will sell at £99 £60 per year / £10 per month per IP address/PC/rig.
31 July 2021: Crypto Mining Software Ltd registered in England and Wales (Company Number 13541534).
30 July 2021: Hello world

Crypto Mining Software Ltd

Company Number 13541534

Company Director: Dian Joubert

Phone: +44 73 989 55085 (text message is best as I don't always have my phone on me)


40 Marsh Street, Barrow-In-Furness, LA14 2AA, United Kingdom

Crypto mining software explained:

Crypto mining software is used on computer hardware in order to gain cryptocurrency coin rewards (free crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum).

The software process and organise pieces of information.

Can anyone use crypto mining software?


What do I need to start?

A compatible computer, internet connection and electricity.

What is a compatible computer?

A computer with a GPU (graphics processing unit). The GPU needs to be at least 4Gb. I recommend you use a 12Gb or 24Gb GPU (4Gb probably won't make enough money).

How much money can I make?
With a 24Gb GPU (graphics processing unit) you can expect to make a profit of £100 per month. That's £1200 each year, every year!

Warning: there are fake GPU's in the world. Buy from a reputable seller. I suggest you buy Nvidia brand, however, I myself bought a 4Gb nvidia geforce fake. It looks real and feels real but it does nothing. In actual fact it slowed the PC down. Seems like they engineered it only to reflect 4Gb on the system but does not grant 4Gb processing power).

Crypto mining software option

We don't yet have a in house crypto mining software option yet. In the meanwhile join the newsletter for updates.

Below is a picture of a PC (computer) with a GPU (graphics processing unit) inserted (asus)